Corridor Exhibition Vol.5

“I have no idea, how we grew up ”

Deadline for Application:

29th Feb 23:55

Application Form: 

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The Corridor Exhibition has come to its  vol.5 this spring and we want to invite you to join us to be part of this special opportunity.  


Corridor Exhibition vol.5 “I have no idea, how we grew up.” is an immersive group exhibition on those willing to discuss the process of growing up in this rapidly changing and face-paced world. The premise for this multi-discipline show is simple and as the title suggests- how do we continue to survive the present. It is nevertheless apposite. The show acknowledges that meditations on the state of the past and envisioned future, whether painted in hope, logic or in foreboding are of paramount importance.

We are looking forward to representing the works by emerging, North London-based Artists, photographer, illustrator and performer with all mediums. 

The Exhibition Located in a newly built warehouse that has 17 individual rooms on the first floor with natural lighting and electricity.  Which it will allow us to hold talks, performance, or screening in independent space. 

Our artist store on the first floor along with all the artworks is a platform we set for our artist’s prints and products if you want to sell alongside with your work.


For picture of the location, floor plan and previews event, please click here:


Important dates: 

PV: 19:00-22:00 Thursday  5th of March

Opening:  11:00~19:00  Saturday&Sunday    7th&8th of March

Install: 29th Feb - 4th Mar

Deinstall: 8th & 9th Mar

Deadline for application: 29th of Feb


For applying for the show, please fill-up the application form on :


More details at:

Instagram: @NorthLondonArt



Alongside the exhibition, our collaborator North London Maker's Market is also having their spring market on the ground floor during the same weekend that is open for applications as well,

Details please check:

Looking forward to hearing from you and hope you can join us this year!

Any question, please contact:

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